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Melissa McDaniel 360, LLC is a multi-faceted organization that offers a wide variety of services and products through the work of subsidiary brands. These entities serve different audiences but share the common goal of educating, empowering and engaging clients and the community. We invite you to learn more about the work of each of our subsidiaries below and visit their individual websites for details.

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Thriving Ivy Unlimited


Thriving Ivy Unlimited provides operations consulting, talent recruiting, and event management to businesses and organizations that want to build the operational infrastructure and foundational practices to efficiently mobilize for social change. 

Turning Pointe
Dance Creations

Turning Pointe Dance Creations is a learning hub for the dance community that offers resources to make teaching, learning, and loving dance easier. 

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360 Event Solutions 

360 Event Solutions


We specialize in helping entrepreneurs in the hospitality and events industry thrive and succeed in a competitive market environment, with a specific focus on improving the success rates of BIPOC-led business. 

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